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Controlling Medical Interpreting Costs

Controlling Medical Interpreting Costs

The number of Americans speaking a language other than English at home is increasing dramatically. According to the latest census, almost 20% of Americans 5 years of age or older speak a language other than English in the home. And almost 9% of Americans are classified as Limited English Proficiency (LEP)  and do not speak English very well. For many health care providers, that means they are seeing patients every day with limited English skills, and medical interpreting costs are skyrocketing.

The increase in patients with limited English skills also means that medical interpreting costs are growing faster than other departments, particularly if you’re using in-person interpreters. The key to controlling medical interpreting services costs is to build the right mix of interpretive solutions. Telephonic (inexpensive, but a lesser quality patient experience), in-person (the highest quality patient experience, but expensive) and video remote interpreting (almost the same quality as in-person at one-third the cost).

VRI low cost plus high satisfaction- medical interpreting

InDemand doesn’t sell technology. We sell a proven way for you to lower your cost per patient encounter while retaining high patient satisfaction.

We’ll analyze your current medical interpreting environment, examine factors like the current number of patient encounters per month, the costs for staff interpreters, the costs for agency interpreters and the cost for telephonic services. We’ll also look at factors you may not have considered – the number of no shows (interpreter or patient), travel costs, other expenses, scheduling costs and utilization rates. We will then offer you options. You choose the option that’s right for your hospital, your staff and your budget.

You’ll know up front the savings you can expect. And with InDemand’s Guarantee program, you’re assured of reducing your cost per patient encounter by at least 25% by the end of the first year of deployment, or you won’t pay a thing until you see these savings.

Our Process Begins with an Opportunity Audit & ROI Assessment

We begin by assessing your current environment, including an evaluation of your current interpretation solutions and doing the math on the cost-saving opportunity.  We then calculate a specific savings estimate, including multiple service options to reduce and control your medical interpreting costs while maintaining high levels of patient care.

Our model is very thorough and you control the assumptions, so that you can feel comfortable that the modeling assumptions are accurate for your organization. Here is an example of some of the output of our model:

Lowering medical interpreting costs

No Capex Costs

InDemand Interpreting provides the carts and laptops necessary for the operation of the service. You do not incur any capex costs on your balance sheet. We maintain and warranty the equipment.

Getting Started

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